Face Scrub & Polish


Gentle Face Scrub to Cleanse, & Exfoliate to Reveal Fresh, Smooth Skin

*Apricot Chamomile Face Scrub -
Whipped Soap Base creates a lovely foaming lather, while Apricot Shell gently scrubs and exfoliates, Apricot Kernel Oil soothes and moisturizes in a fresh and fruity Apricot Chamomile Scent.

*Citrus Lava Glow Face Polish
Whipped Soap Base creates a lovely lather, while Extra Fine Pumice gently exfoliates even Sensitive Skin. Vitamin C, as well as Orange Extract, and Orange Essential Oils provide the Vitamins to give you Bright & Beautiful Glowing Skin.

Follow Up with our Nourishing Face Moisturizers for a Perfect and Easy Facial.

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