We make everything Small Batch from Scratch.

We try very hard to get your Orders to you quickly, because we know you are as excited to use your Products as we are for you to try them and love them.

We are a Small Business, and because of the nature of having Natural good for your Products, while I do keep regular Inventory, I am often making some or all of your Products Fresh as you Order them and that can take a minute.

Short Answer- 

I try hard to Ship within 4-6 Business Days.

February 2021 Update!! 

I have received so many Orders in a Short Period of Time, which is so wonderful! 

Hi Kimmy, and Thank You "She's in Her Apron" Fans!

I'm experiencing longer delays in Shipping times. I'm making tons of Fresh Batches for you, into the wee hours of the Morning. I promise they are Coming Soon, thank you for Understanding. I can't wait for you to receive your Orders too. Thank You and Stay Beautiful, Naturally.